The Beginning

I am not an avid blogger.  I have struggled in the past in my feeble attempts to blog, mainly because of my lack of confidence in what I write.  But I’m looking forward to this class in hopes that I can become a better online writer.  Here is my writing sample, my letter of intent for this program.

Writing Sample

The point of this letter is not to write about my past accomplishments.  That is the purpose of my resume, and, honestly, I do not wish to bore you by being repetitive.  This letter, instead, is to discuss my future, a future I sincerely hope will include your program.

As an undergraduate, I majored in Digital Media at Albright College.  Although the program was innovative and interesting, it was still fairly new and constantly changing.  As a result, I graduated last May undecided as to what field I wished to pursue and felt that I still lacked necessary design skills.  Before I graduated, I had searched extensively through many different graduate schools throughout the country; however, none were the right choice for me and I did not want to make a hasty decision, as I still was unsure what I wanted to study.  I decided to wait on graduate school and work full-time, although the job is not relevant to either of my majors.

I greatly enjoy the job I have now, but there are very little opportunities to design.  However, with the few I did have, I discovered that my passion lies with online design.  Recently, I began looking at graduate schools again, this time much more focused, as I know what I wish to do.  Upon finding and researching Quinnipiac’s Interactive Media program, I knew immediately that this is perfect for me.  Between the many different offered courses and the flexible classes, I am absolutely certain this is what I was searching for. This curriculum will expand my knowledge from the basic skills I learned as an undergraduate and help me grow creatively as a designer.  I am confident that this program will help me find a career in the graphic design field.

I love how I feel when I design, how I get so involved in my work that I lose all track of time.  I want to create pieces that cause people to pay attention and think differently.  I am very eager to continue learning and creating and I feel that the Interactive Media program is the best opportunity for me.  I know that your university will assist me in achieving my goals.  I hope this letter has shown you how much I want to be a part of your program.

6 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. escapisttheory

    It’s so wonderful to get involved with something you truly love, so much so that you “lose track of time,” as you said. I wish you would have delved a bit more into why digital design is so appealing to you; whether you are even aware of why it is so appealing, or whether it is merely subconscious. I enjoy your enthusiasm for the course and the material – I just wish this included more information about why YOU love it so much, to get more of a taste of your personality as both an individual and a writer!

    1. alexsmithwrites Post author

      Thanks for the suggestions! I agree that it probably does need a bit more of “me” in it. My aim at the time was to be as succinct and to-the-point as possible, but it may have been too succinct.

  2. plotlingo

    I understand that losing track of time feeling. It is great to get so involved in something you love you lose time. I always feel like there are not enough hours in the day when I start writing or drawing. Time moves so fast when I focus on what I love. Your letter has great format and prose. I become engaged right from the beginning on your first line. And that is the whole idea of this letter isn’t it? Trying to get admissions engaged in your letter right on that first line. Great work.

    1. alexsmithwrites

      Thanks plotlingo! I think I edited that piece at least six times to get the flow right – I have issues sometimes where I repeat too many words in one section, so the prose becomes a problem. I’m glad I was able to overcome this here.

  3. Robert Kalm (@bumpspark)

    Hesitation is one of the major causes of poor writing.

    You are a good writer already Alex. Your sentences are clean and to the point. Your pieces are well organized. You need more confidence and craft.

    “I do not wish to bore you” is the last way to open a piece of writing. That you feel your attempts are “feeble” is the number one reason they falter.

    As you get into your sample, you begin to discuss what you love about design. Your passion and interest take over and you improve. Notice how everyone responded to that part of your sample.

    As I said in the lecture, no one is a born writer, there are just writers who get an A for effort. Put in the work and you never have to apologize. When you are talking from what interests you, have confidence that others will find it interesting too.

    Hesitation shows in writing when we don’t take the time to proofread and don’t make clear, confident statements.

    Recently, I began looking at graduate schools again, this time much more focused, as I know what I wish to do.

    Here, you run two or three sentences together feebly instead of making a few confident statements. Try this…

    “When I looked at graduate schools for the second time, I was more deliberate. I knew what I wanted.”

    I am not an avid blogger is a clear, confident statement. My first recommendation is start believing in your writing. Pretend if you must, but do not write about your lack of confidence and concentrate on your message.

    Good work and welcome to 506.

  4. AmateurYogi

    Your enthusiasm is exciting. Your writing has made me excited to see where you go with the program and the potential you have for making the program work for you. Let your passion shine through in your words. Begin your paper with a definitive statement and let it blossom from there. There is no need to tell your readers what your paper is going to be about; if you write with the passion that I see you have, they will understand from the get go.


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