Alex Smith Through Google’s “Eyes” (New Resume)

I decided to create my new resume as a mix of my pseudonym and myself.

Alex Smith –

A blog for Quinnipiac University’s ICM606 course in which Alex Smith writes about public education and Sarah, a high school physics teacher.

Alex Smith (@alexsmithwrites) on Twitter

See the latest by Alex Smith at @alexsmithwrites.  Showing Sarah’s story as the face of public education.

Alex Smith – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alex Smith is a writer and blogger who takes a different view of public education through Sarah, a high school physics teacher.

Quinnipiac University

Alex Smith is currently a master’s student in the Interactive Media program at Quinnipiac University.

University of South Florida – Academic Program Specialist

Alex Smith is currently working as an Academic Program Specialist at the University of South Florida.

Albright College – Peer Tutoring Program

Alex Smith was a peer tutor in the Academic Learning Center at Albright College.  She tutored Spanish students from 2008 – 2011.

Albright College – Honor’s Thesis

Alex Smith completed an honor’s thesis in her senior year at Albright College.  The thesis covered how Francisco Franco’s dictatorship produced a boom in the design industry in Spain.

3 thoughts on “Alex Smith Through Google’s “Eyes” (New Resume)

  1. AmateurYogi

    Isn’t it so interesting to look at yourself and your pseudonym in different ways? I like what you did. What kind of news stories do you think might be written about you or about your pseudonym? I’m sure there would be a few about Sarah too!

  2. Robert Kalm (@bumpspark)

    Your old resume is good, if general. You outline all of your skills. The paragraphs below each job are a little dense. I should be able to look at the document in a glance and get the idea. Headings and keywords should show me how you’ve evolved.

    This is the opportunity you have with the new resume too. Yours is similar to your meta descriptions, more summary and byline. You have a Twitter account, etc. But I like how you brought in the most relevant parts of your old resume into the new resume. And you could be even more imaginative as I suggested with the meta descriptions in my earlier comment. The assignment is about exploring what your content could include.

    Your Web presence is an opportunity to show off your content on a daily basis. Instead of telling the audience what you did at work with your resume, show them. Show off the blog you created exploring the daily life of a physics teacher. What you create in this course is just one possibility. Keep your smartphone handy at work and record the best examples and instances of what you want to be. Then share them too.

    Things to continue thinking about.

  3. sadikibeme

    Your meta-descriptions are informative but your headlines should say more to my attention. Do you want a search of you to just be restricted to the academic landscape? How far do you want your voice to be heard?


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