Midterm Proposal

I chose my topic for this blog with no plans to scrap it completely later if it didn’t work and I am happy to say that I still plan on continuing with my current topic.  It is the right one for me and I like it.  I knew it was the right path to take when I first decided to make it the focus of my blog.

I was worried when we were first charged with picking a topic for a blog.  I have tried to write blogs before, but they all failed.  Horribly failed. But I knew this time that the most important reason for picking it had to be my passion for the subject. My passion would be the only thing that would push me to keep writing even when I was struggling to write.  And I think I chose right.  I feel that this blog has been much more successful than any of my previous attempts because I truly care about my subject.

My voice has changed since the beginning, but not enough to change my overall topic.  I have just become focused more, adding in Sarah’s experiences to make the subject more personal for me.  I plan on going back and rewriting previous posts to fine-tune the focus of my blog.  It’s also important to me that I don’t limit myself in any way.  I don’t want to just talk about the problems with education system – I am not that one-dimensional.  My goal is to talk about Sarah and both her positive and negative experiences with public education.  I want to discuss the issues, but also offer solutions.  I want to show Sarah, just a good teacher who, in spite of obstacles and difficulties, finds ways to help her students learn and grow in a problematic, but not irreparable, educational system.

Here are some topics I plan on going into more depth on:

  • Why testing isn’t necessarily a bad thing
  • Funding for public schools
  • Students that don’t want to learn

There will be more, but these are the ones I have in mind right now.

2 thoughts on “Midterm Proposal

  1. AmateurYogi

    I agree. You seem very passionate about your subject. I like how you have given a fact to your cause. It helps your readers to relate and visualize everything you write about. I’m glad you’re sticking with your topic. Your subject is original and refreshing.


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