Elevator Pitches

1. App that connects users to resources on any subject

These days, more options than ever are available to everyone to learn about anything they want, when and wherever they want, even without the classroom.  And there are many new apps out there that facilitate this learning.  However, there are no apps that encompass every subject possible, that allow users to only use one resource to connect them to millions of resources.  This is what my app, ReSourceful, would do; it would allow users to search for any subject they wated and be directed to the best place to find credible information on the subject, in books, on websites, newspaper articles, blogs.  It essentially would be an encyclopedia of resources.

2. Bringing educational games to a new level

We all have played educational games sometime in or life, most likely in school when we were younger.  I remember recesses spent playing Oregon Trail when I was in elementary school.  My new educational games would go a step further.  Instead of the games being used mostly for educational entertainment, the games would be the lessons.  The games would have a much higher level of interactivity, with students able to put themselves into the historical events they mostly read about before.  Students also could use their math skills in “real-life” situations that can’t necessarily be recreated inside the classroom. Students would be more interested in learning when they can get a more personal perspective on the subject.


2 thoughts on “Elevator Pitches

  1. AmateurYogi

    I really like your second idea. It has been said that “playing” is a big contributor to how much is actually learned. If you can create games for students that allow them to actually feel like they’re in the game, you open up a whole new dimension of learning for them. They can now visualize themselves doing the activity instead of making someone else perform it in the game. Great idea! Run with it!


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