Remember the educational games, like the Oregon Trail, that you used to play in school when you were younger? Games like these were always very popular with students. The problem with these games was that they were only used for entertainment purpose during free time and recess.  We need to take the games a step further and truly incorporate them into the curriculum. This initiative will bring games into the classroom through interactive lessons as a way to make learning more interesting for the students. These new games will have a much higher level of interactivity than previous games.  Students will be able to put themselves into the material they are learning about; they can be a part of the Boston Tea Party or use their math skills in “real-life” situations. Not all students can learn just by reading a book or listening to a teacher’s lecture–many are much more visual and kinesthetic learners. These new types of interactive lessons will allow students to get a more personal perspective on the subject; and when students connect more to the material, they learn better.

The interactive lessons are intended for students in grades K-12.  It may be possible to get university students in the areas of game design and computer science to volunteer to create the first versions of these games. Potential funding may also come from a collaboration between educational and technology organizations, especially ones aimed toward increasing the use of technology in the classroom. The beta versions of the games could possibly come out in one to two years. The games would need to be tested in a few different types of schools, possibly used as supplemental to the current styles of teaching to judge their effectiveness in the classroom.


2 thoughts on “Proposal

  1. sadikibeme

    I like how you laid the foundation out. Perhaps this is something you would save for the presentation but would each grade level be tested out at the same school? How would you develop the levels for each program? Would it be based on the curriculum/topic and/or grade level?

  2. AmateurYogi

    I really like this idea. I like how you plan on designing the game in such a way that the student feels like he or she is “in” the game. Last semester, we learned (in 501) that play is a great way to learn. It makes us visualize the action – which in turn makes us develop the skills needed to perform the task in every day life. Great idea. I can’t wait to see how it develops.


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