Social Media Campaign

It seems like in some ways, pictures have become just as important as words. Take, for example, the social media campaign the TSA currently is conducting a new campaign through Instagram, to educate the public more on what they can and cannot bring on an airplane. Apparently, this still hasn’t been made clear, even after years of the policies being in place. People are still attempting to bring guns aboard airplanes. Through Instagram, the TSA is posting real items/weapons that have been confiscated at airports around the country. They feel that by showing these pictures, people will gain a better understanding of what is considered a weapon. The TSA already has made use of both Twitter and YouTube in their social media campaign. There are arguments that these campaigns aren’t effective in keeping air travel safer. I, however, think they are more effective than if they didn’t exist.

You really need to take a look at what’s important with today’s public in considering the campaign’s effectiveness – security. Security is one of the number one concerns of people today and the TSA is one of the biggest organizations concerned with the nation’s day-to-day security. And because of issues recently with the TSA, they have gone from being viewed as an agency charged with protecting us and our security to a group of unprofessional government workers. So in a way, these social media campaigns give the TSA a way to connect with their customers, a way to show that they are out protecting us everyday by way of their Instagram account. And if I didn’t know before what I can’t bring on a plane, these Instagram pictures definitely give me a good idea. And the more non-threats the TSA has to deal with, the more they can focus on the real security threats.

As far as my social media campaign is concerned, I would focus on creating a campaign for my InterAction program, mainly through the use of YouTube and Twitter. InterAction is a very visual program, so YouTube would be the best place to showcase demonstrations of the system in its different stages of production. Twitter would just be best to have as a way to keep the public informed during all stages of the process of bringing InterAction into schools, and as a way of gaining support for the program.


One thought on “Social Media Campaign

  1. AmateurYogi

    I think YouTube and Twitter would be great avenues for you to get the word out. They seem like they will allow you to show all of the parts of your idea, and also give the public a visual.

    Watch long sentences. They give a good rhythm but try to mix it up a little bit. Sometimes too many long sentences weigh readers down. The sentence that got me included the phrase “the social media campaign the TSA currently is conducting a new campaign….” Here you use the word campaign twice too close together. I found myself thinking about it the whole time I read your post. Your ideas are fantastic, but just read it back through like you’re speaking and make sure it flows. I certainly should take my own advice to heart because my posts tend to have typos – UGH!

    I really really like your campaign idea. I think it has a lot of potential, and your points about social media were great.


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