My biggest fear this semester was that I would truly struggle to write a blog. I’ve attempted to do so before and failed. Miserably.  So I am very proud of what I have accomplished with my pseudonym in this class. I have come a long way from day one.

It wasn’t easy. There was many times where I had no idea what to write and everything that came out sounded bad and ridiculous. The best way I found to deal with my writer’s block – to walk away, take a break, and begin again when I was much less frustrated.

I learned to always think through my writing and to edit, edit, edit. The first words will never be the final words. Many of my blog posts were only posted after multiple drafts. And they could still use more edits. It is through these drafts that my voice began to develop, little by little.

I originally began writing about public education because I know it is a subject that really needs to be discussed, especially after hearing all the problems Sarah experienced as a new teacher in a new state. However, through my blog, I have discovered that it is not just good enough to discuss something; you must say something as well. I tried to do this and I think I partially succeeded. There are always changes that can be made.

Public education is still a subject that I am passionate about. And I will continue to develop my voice through writing after this class is over. I don’t think my voice is where I want it to be yet, but it will get there, in time. Because this class has shown me the best ways to expand my voice as writer in a more interactive world.


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